Tenka Koganei
Name Tenka Koganei
Kanji 虎金井 天下
Romaji Koganei Tenka
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 185 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Koganei clan
Relatives Souten Koganei (father)

Tenchi Koganei (brother)

Tenga Koganei (brother)

Tenrei Koganei (brother)

Tenten Koganei (sister)

Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 6
OVA Hot Spring Battle
Seiyū Takeshi Kusao
Tenka Koganei (虎金井 天下Koganei Tenka) is the third son of the main family of the Koganei clan. He is the son of Souten Koganei, the brother of Tenchi Koganei, and the foster brother of Tenga Koganei, Tenrei Koganei and Tenten Koganei.


Tenka has blonde hair and green, cat-like eyes. He uses his sharp claws to catch fast prey. He is constantly seen carrying around a soccer ball that has a promise that he and Momoko had written when they were young.


As depicted in the anime, Tenka has a very impulsive and rough personality. He is extremely strong and thus isn't hesitant of portraying his strength. Although with his muscular build and macho demeanour, Tenka is extremely emotional when it comes to Momoko. In the flashback it was shown that he had a crush on her and thus intended to marry her in the future. The time when Momoko told him that she and Koushi are living together and are going to get married, made him livid to the point that he challenged Koushi to a match which later he lost (due to Koushi's quick thinking). He possesses tiger like characteristics and thus is scared of water; a thing that every feline hates. He also has other common weaknesses of felines such as cat nip or cat toys.