Volume 4
Volume 4
Volume Info
Volume 4
Previous Volume 3
Next Volume 5
Cover Character(s) Momoko Kuzuryuu, Iroha Miyamoto, Hanzou, Tenka Koganei
English June 2010



Volume 4 is the fourth volume in the Sumomomo Momomo manga series.


Koushi moves into the Nakajima apartments, his father’s reprimand still ringing in his ears. Though he is less than thrilled with the idea of becoming a martial artist, Koushi realizes he can’t stay indifferent for long. The Koganei clan is already on the prowl, and a well-aimed poison ping-pong ball catches Koushi off guard. As the slow-working poison takes its toll, Koushi despairs. No amount of training can save him now…but perhaps the Strongest Bride on Earth can?


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